Why is lack of musical talent something to be proud of?

Posted: 29th March 2011 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Talent and Technology

At the risk of sounding bitter and jaded this article really saddened me. How many kids will grow up thinking their iPad can make them into Justin Bieber or the Beatles?

Music talent not required

At the end of the day, it isn’t the technology that is off-putting to me. It’s the cavalier attitude the author had towards making music.

There will be those who will use this technology as a tool as they try to grow their own natural skills with training and practice and jamming with other musicians. And there will be those, like the author, I think, who will play with this technology for amusement and really enjoy it- never dreaming that it will make them a star. For both of these groups I say “right on.”

But there are also folks who will read the author’s words and will be convinced that this technology makes them talented. They won’t put any work into actually learning about music or honing their skills, but will have the attitude of a prima donna all the same. It is to these folks that I say “grow up and put some work into becoming a better vocalist, musician, composer, etc.”

The next time someone with no talent and no drive to work at becoming better comes to me and wants to play me the “epic” songs they recorded using this technology I’m going to write a short little note to the author of this article thanking him for giving a generation of wannabes the vision and courage to be proudly mediocre.

 - Joshua

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