Mixing (phase 2) – focusing on how things sound

Posted: 3rd August 2012 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Mixing Techniques

Once I’ve removed unwanted sounds and noise from tracks, I turn my attention to the way things sound. This involves listening to the tracks together, and soloing each track, and basically asking myself what I want it to sound like. For the most part this varies by style, so I may reference similar styles of music and compile a picture of what I want things to sound like.

At this point I tend to take three steps-

  1. I ask myself- how warm/clear do I want this instrument to sound? I will then use EQ and plugins modeled after analog/tube gear to move the recorded sound more in one direction or the other
  2. I then use Compression and tweak panning to help things fit together more nicely
  3. Next I focus on space. Do things need to sit further back? I use reverb. Do thinks need to be “thickened up” a little? Short delays can really do this nicely. Do I need a “big” sound that doesn’t take up the center? I pan it center and use a stereo delay with one side dry and the other side wet and with a delay of 0 to 30 ms. This makes it sound wide and panned toward the dry side without taking up the center

Next up, phase 3- focusing on how things feel, part 1.

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