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Getting a great acoustic guitar sound

Posted: 26th April 2012 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Mixing Techniques

There are a lot of tricks I use to get a DI recorded acoustic guitar to sound ok- this usually involves a pretty brutal EQ curve to start with. What’s interesting is that there are 3 things I almost always process an acoustic guitar through- whether recorded well in a studio or recorded with a [...]

Cakewalk Sonar X1: Using the Pro Channel EQ

Posted: 7th April 2012 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Hot Gear, Mixing Techniques

One of the reasons I love working in Sonar X1 is the Pro Channel functionality. It’s great having any combination of Tube Saturation, Compression, and EQ on every channel by default. It makes a lot of work faster when trying to brute force a decent rough mix. It’s also great that this is expandable, making [...]