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Recording to Tape In-the-box

Posted: 6th April 2011 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Audiophile, Hot Gear

Anybody that has been around the recording industry knows the merits and headaches of recording to tape. The “magic”, “glue”, warmth, and saturation on the one hand, and the hiss, laborious editing, and low availability of good quality tape on the other. Artists like Eminem refuse to record to anything but tape, while many others [...]

Analog sound in a digital world

Posted: 21st March 2011 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Audiophile

I love digital audio recording. We’re at the point in technological history where a tiny flash recorder with built in mics can capture sound with portability and accuracy that folks only dreamed about back in the “golden age.” Just about any person with a decent laptop, software, and good ears can make a decent recording, [...]