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Cakewalk Sonar X1: Using the Pro Channel EQ

Posted: 7th April 2012 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Hot Gear, Mixing Techniques

One of the reasons I love working in Sonar X1 is the Pro Channel functionality. It’s great having any combination of Tube Saturation, Compression, and EQ on every channel by default. It makes a lot of work faster when trying to brute force a decent rough mix. It’s also great that this is expandable, making [...]

Recording to Tape In-the-box

Posted: 6th April 2011 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Audiophile, Hot Gear

Anybody that has been around the recording industry knows the merits and headaches of recording to tape. The “magic”, “glue”, warmth, and saturation on the one hand, and the hiss, laborious editing, and low availability of good quality tape on the other. Artists like Eminem refuse to record to anything but tape, while many others [...]

Advanced tone shaping for drums with iZotope RX

Posted: 4th April 2011 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Hot Gear, Tech Ninja

I recently worked on a project where I recorded drums and I felt like we got just about everything right, but there were a few minor niggles. 1. The snare mic was ringing just a bit too much. 2. We had added a low tom mic and while I loved the tone this added from [...]

Every once in a while a company comes along with a product that changes the way things are done.  iZotope RX is one of these products. They have some excellent samples of its capabilities on their website: iZotope RX website The coolest thing about RX for me is that it brings advanced visual editing to [...]

Cool Tips and Trips- volume “automation” with Melodyne

Posted: 4th April 2011 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Hot Gear, Tech Ninja

Those that have paid attention to music technology in the past 11 years are probably familiar with an amazing coup. Antares Autotune had been the pitch correction of choice since the beginning of the Pro Tools era. In the year 2000 a German company called Celemony came along that offered Melodyne, a product with a [...]