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Keys to solid vocal performance

Posted: 27th August 2012 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Uncategorized

There are a lot of “secret sauce” methods out there for improving vocal performance. Breathing exercises, vocal exercises, certain things to eat/drink and others not to eat/drink, etc. Honestly the single biggest thing I can recommend is to treat singing as an aerobic activity. If you want to be a better vocalist but aren’t in [...]

Waves NLS plugins- separating myth from reality

Posted: 25th May 2012 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Uncategorized

I read recently about a product Waves was proud to announce: a new series of plugins called NLS (Non-Linear Summing.) At first I was excited, as this seemed another step towards being able to mix “in the box” with plugins. Then I got to thinking- can these plugins really make analog summing boxes irrelevant if [...]

Mixing Drums for Modern Rock Music

Posted: 16th May 2011 by Mezzanine Floor Studios in Uncategorized

Often the biggest casualty when recording a rock record on your own is the sound of the drums. A lot of attention is paid to the vocals and guitars to make sure they’re just right, and the bass is usually tweaked until it sounds “good enough”, but the drums are often done on a “do [...]